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Push on Hose

Push On hose is a flexible hose that is made to fit the push-on hose ends and an fittings, but can also be used with a hose clamp for most applications with barb. This Push On hose is also is available in AN5 to fit original barbs in cars and engines that have 8mm inner diameter.


Fuel hose AN4 (push-on)

Inner dimension: 6.35mm

I lager

In stock

£ 10,38

Fuel hose AN5 (push-on)

Inside Dimension: 7,90mm

I lager

In stock

£ 12,11

Fuel hose AN6 (push-on)

Inside Dimension: 9,65mm

Slut i lager

Soon in stock

£ 13,41

Fuel hose AN8 (push-on)

Inside Dimension: 12,70mm

I lager

In stock

£ 14,71

Fuel hose AN10 (push-on)

Inside Dimension: 16,00mm

I lager

In stock

£ 17,30

Fuel hose AN12 (push-on)

Inside Dimension: 19,00mm

I lager

In stock

£ 21,63