Speeding - Europes motorsport warehouse

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The company was founded 2009-08-12 by Tobias and Robert. The goal is to offer workshop services such as car service and repair at a good price while maintaining high quality. We also offer to build custom cars with a focus on motorsport and tuning.

We offer a wide range of motorsport products in our webshop. We have also developed and continue to develop more own products in motorsport that maintain the absolute highest quality offered by the market today and most often with new features or features that have previously been lacking.

By the end of 2012 we moved to our new premises located in Viared's business park in Borås. Today we have a full workshop with customer reception. We also havea large inventory located in Sweden containing our own products as well as other brands and spare parts where we can offer very fast deliveries not only inside Sweden but to most countries in the world. 

www.speeding.nu is the Swedish webpage but we have the international webpage at www.speedingparts.com.
Over the years we have made dedicated webpages to certain countries for customers to gain easy access such as:

Head office and main warehouse in Sweden: www.speeding.nu

Norway: www.speeding.no
Finland: www.speeding.fi
Åland: www.speeding.ax
Denmark: www.speedingparts.dk
Germany: www.speedingparts.de

Speeding AB holds F-tax and is registered for VAT