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Rush on BMW M3 cars. E46, E36 and Z3. Different engine
tuning setups for each car. 

Rush on BMW M3 cars. E46, E36 and Z3. Different engine
tuning setups for each car. 

Upgrade with new Sachs performance clutch

We do service on most car. Ferrari in workshop this time

Another Porsche with sevice and minor upgrades

Dodge Viper in workshop for new brake system.

Customer car on Elmia motorshow

Rille´s extreme EVO with SPD fuel system for ethanol. only the best! 680WPH

Tim´s Drifting BMW E36 with 2JZ engine. Tim also use SPD fuel system.

Two of the vinter project cars. New fastest FWD Volvo with over 1000hp

Mitsubishi EVO 8. Built in our workshop from scratch. 480whp

Jesper have a brutal Toyota Supra with 950hp and 1160nm. Jesper also use
SPD fuel system for ethanol for best performance.

Volvo C70 built in our workshop. 677hp and 815nm. This is a fast daily driver car.

Volvo S70 drag racing car. Brutal car with over 1000hp

S70 drag racing car. Turbo installed.

Everything ready for dyno!

550 hp turbo kit just installed. Mitsubishi EVO 8

Special built Garret turbo for 700hp in Volvo S60R.

Big precision turbo on customer car.

Just installed 19T turbo for V70.

Super HX40 from Holset installed on Volvo 5 cyl engine.

Brake bias installed on Dodge Viper

Pedal box system installed in Volvo

ProRace Pedal box in customer car.

Customer car on motorshow

Hydraulic handbrake from OBP in customer car.

Sparco REV installed in Porsche.

Installation of Quaife diff in Volvos M66 and M56 gearboxes.

BMW M3 S50B30 removed from car for upgrade and rebuild

Volvo engine B5234T. Upgraded for 1000hp+

Many special parts in this extreme Volvo engine.

Engine building. Mitsubishi EVO 8

Engine ready to put head gasket on.

Almost done 4G63 engine. Only calibration of camshaft left.

New built engine. Only 2% leakdown when finished.

Volvo red engine ready to get installed.

Another example of new engine for Saab 9000

New oil cooling and hoses installed.

New fuel system for ethanol.

Another fuel system installed for ethanol in car.


New fuel system installed on compressor BMW E46 M3. 550hp

Fuel system without cover.

Fuel system hidden after installation. No complains from the cops now 

Fuel pressure regualtor installed

Hydraulic handbrake installaed in Nissan Skyline

This brake valve is must for hydraulic handbrake use in cars!

S70 drag racing car almost done inside

Approved roll cage built by us for 8,5s.

Another roll cage done for BMW E36.


Roll cage for Skyline

Some welding done on roll cage

More welding..

New Bushes installed.

Roll cage for Volvo C70 car.

Full race roll cage in track race car.

Sparco seat belts and seats installed.

Nice finish on the roll cage :)

Another Volvo car we built.

Welding roll cage.

New steering parts for steering wheel.

Leakdown testing


This piston looks like shit.. Use our fuel system to prevent this.

Happy customer leaving workshop




New exhuast system installed and welded on customer car.

3,5" size downpipe for good flow.

New exhaust cooming up for Subaru impreza

Time to weld the exhaust

Race clutch

Changing the clutch

New turbo pipes



Just made new downpipe for customer.