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Choose the right turbo

What turbochargers others use.
Here we will present what turbochargers other people use on their engines. There are many parameters to consither when coosing the right turbocharger but you can see this as inspiration and a start of what you can achieve with a certain turbo.

Audi 5cyl 20v

960hp / 1030nm Borg Warner S366 3bar E85 2,5L
850hp / 960nm Borg Warner EFR 8370 2,7bar E85 2,6L


BMW S38B36

980hp / 1230nm Borg Warner S369 2,2bar E85 3,6L


BMW M50B28

860hp / 940nm Borg Warner EFR 8374 1,9bar E85 2,8L



940hp / 1170nm Borg Warner EFR 9180 1,8bar E85 3,3L


Nissan RB25

850hp / 790nm Borg Warner S374 2bar E85 2,5L


Toyota 2JZ

710hp / 980nm Borg Warner S366 2bar E85 3L
950hp / 1070nm Borg Warner EFR 9180 2,3bar E85 3L
1100hp / 1200nm Borg Warner EFR 9180 2,5bar E85 3,4L
800hp / 930nm Borg Warner EFR 9180 1,8bar E85 3L
1060hp / 1260nm Borg Warner EFR 9180 2,5bar E85 3L


 Volvo B230 8v

610hp / 810nm Garrett GTX3071R 2,5bar E85 2,3L
600hp / 810nm Holset Super HX40 2,4bar E85 2,3L
620hp / 800nm Holset Super HX40 2,1bar E85 2,3L
650hp / 790nm Holset Super HX40 1,8bar Etanol 2,5L
410hp / 550nm Garrett GT2871R 1,6bar E85 2,3L
500hp / 650nm Holset HX55 2,0bar BF98 2,3L


 Volvo B230 16v

700hp / 850nm Holset HX52 2,3bar E85 2,3L
760hp / 800nm Holset HX52 2,2bar E85 2,3L
600hp / 770nm Garrett GT40 2,0bar E85 2,3L


 Volvo T5 vitmotor

600hp / 780nm Garrett GTX3071R 2,2 bar E85 2,3L
480hp / 710nm Garrett GT3071R 1,4bar E85 2,3L
550hp / 680nm Holset Super HX40 1,8bar E75 2,3L
570hp / 700nm Holset Super HX40 1,6bar E85 2,3L
500hp / 650nm Holset HX35 1,5bar E85 2,3L
670hp / 780nm Garrett GT3582R  2,2bar E85 2,3L
519hp / 630nm Garrett GT3582R 1,7bar BF98 2,3L


Volvo T6 vitmotor

830hp / 1000nm Borg Warner S366 2,3bar E85 2,7L
850hp / 1040nm Borg Warner S366 2,4bar E85 2,9L