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Speeding partner program 


Need money for new products? Then read the most beneficial collaboration you have ever heard of.

Sell ​​100 times - get 1000 EUR to shop for




How does it work?




Display Speeding on social media


You simply market Speeding - Performance parts your way, to the best of your ability. No requirements for certain frequency or performance. What has worked for you in the past will most likely work now as well. The following brands are very popular and are something that should be emphasized more if you are to target a specific brand at times. SPD, NGC and Hurricane

# Marketing Speeding - Performance parts
Marketing can be done in different ways and you decide for yourself what you think gives the best dividend and what suits you best. It can be pictures, videos, instagram, facebook, blog, vlog, links, events, etc. Use what can give you the most followers and the most sales.

You should also connect your Instagram account to Speedingnu so there will be a "business collaboration". This has been done before with good results. Followers will then see that accounts are connected with better engagement as a result.



Share your unique code with followers


1. You get a unique discount code (10%)
2. Share it with your followers
3. A purchase with your unique discount code at Speeding gives you a sale

# Give your followers a 10% discount code on everything at Speeding
You always have your unique discount code to share with your followers. You can run your own campaigns on everything from Speeding, or just selected products / categories / Brands. You decide for yourself what you think can pay the best dividend for you.

Note that already discounted products are not included.




One order give you one sale


One order on Speeding with your unique discount code will give you one sale. One hundred sales will give you 1000 EUR.

You get 1000 EUR (1250 EUR incl. VAT or equivalent amount in your currency) to shop for every 100 / time your unique discount code has been used where your followers and other people with the discount code have shopped. This is measured per order and not per person. If a person buy 10 orders during the year, you have received 10 sales. Ie. only 90 left for 100 sales and 1000 EUR.

If you choose not to use the money you receive for every 100 times the code is used, the money is saved in your account and grows with the number of sales. Your sales can not be taken out in cash, only through products Speeding markets on the website or products Speeding can order from regular suppliers and their regular product range.
You can easily check your current sales with us and this is automatically updated when you get sales.




Get in touch, get your unique code and get started :)


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Extra benefits

# Sponsor 2 account at Speeding
This account gives you the best possible prices as long as you have this activated on your login. Regardless of whether you use discount codes or redeem your sales, you have the best prices.

# Show new products and get them for free
By showing new products where we are looking for specific marketing, we distribute the product free of charge as payment if the created material is of high quality. We usually get in touch and ask specifically when the service is needed. A specific arrangement takes place only this time. If you are interested in this, we will decide what the layout should look like. It can be videos, video review, unboxing, slide shows or similar.