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Brake hose builder SS

SPD Hydraulics

Stainless steel fittings in this brake hose builder

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Article no.: SPD01BDBRF

NOTE! When you choose the length of the hose, this only reflects the length of the hose. Keep in mind that different fittings and banjos add more length to the hose. Is it important with accurate measurements. In the order comments, specify exact total length (edge-edge including fittings) or CC-CC if there are banjo fittings. Normally, both fittings together add about 6-9cm more than the length of the hose after assembly.

Here you can assemble your own braided brake hose / hydraulic hose. We have three different brake hoses to choose from. One is the classic steel spun hose with PTFE core, the other is steel spun hose with PTFE core and black plastic outer coating and the last hose is braided PTFE hose with nylon spun outer cover. All of these hoses handle brake fluid, so there is nothing that will have to be replaced in the future. The hoses also work well to transport oil, glycol, fuel and air.

In the drop down menu, choose the fittings and length of the hose. NOTE! Only stainless steel fittings in this press guide!
Would you like to have regular anodized steel fittings? PRESS HERE

Most of the fittings comes with swivel thread, which means that the threaded part spins around its own axle without twisting the hose.


Would you like to see pictures of the links listed, you will find both the stainless and anodized steel fittings like banjo bolts, bleed nipples and all the adapters HERE.

Inner diameter: 3.6 mm.
Working pressure: 275 bar
Explosion pressure at: 827 bar
Working temperature: -70 to 250 degrees

All brake hoses are crimped in our machines in house. These can not be crimped at home.

SPD Hydraulics


SPD Hydraulics

SPD hydraulics are quality products for brake systems, but also oil, air, fuel, etc. often machine pressed parts. Maybe the only manufacturer of stainless steel brake products. Developed to meet the highest demands of motorsports. All products are carefully tested both in virtual and controlled environments, as well as on the street and race track where they will ultimately be used. SPD products are developed and tested by experienced technicians as well as racing drivers to maximize functionality and reliability. With these extensive tests, the same high function is also ensured over long periods of time.

When such extensive tests are made to ensure quality over time, functional warranty on SPD press fitings is given. Even for those who use them for competitive use and the most demanding motorsports. SPD Hydraulics is probably alone offering warranty on competition products.

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