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Holset / Cummins Turbocharger H2D (4032910H)

Holset Turbochargers

Original H2D Turbo

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Article no.: HOL-4032910H

Engine Model: DHTD 825, DHT 825, DHS 825
Engine Manufacturer: DAF
Vehicle Manufacturer:
Vehicle Type: INDUSTRIAL, 2100 TRUCK, TRUCK, 2500 TRUCK, SB2300 BUS
Power Rating: 218 HP, 204 HP, 250 HP, 245 HP, 190 250 HP
OEM Supplied Number: 3580228, 4659420003, 4659420005, 4659420006, 4659420011, 4659420012, 4659420013, 4659420014, 4659420015, 4659420016
OEM Customer Number: 656331, 674022, 370870, 370871, 679024
Assembly Number: 3580228
Turbo Model: H2C
Turbo Order Number: 5321952
Compressor Angle:
Turbine Angle:



Holset Turbochargers

Holset supplies turbochargers to the original market (OEM), both trucks and passenger cars. The Holset has no motorsport division but with a huge product catalog, models such as Super HX35 and Super HX40 as well as Competition have been produced with very good results. Whether you drive, race or rally, Holset has a turbo for your engine.
Example: HX30 HX35 HX40 HX50 HX52 HX55 and HX60.

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