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Intake manifold safety valve

MAD Performance

Adjustable opening pressure 56-85psi

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Article no.: MAD0031

Intake manifold safety valve

Overpressure valve that prevents the intake manifold from cracking or completely break during backfires or similar pressure shocks. The valve is available with 3 different actuators, depending when the valve is to open. 4.5kg, 5kg and 6kg depending on how much load pressure the engine delivers. 4kg is most common. The valve will fully ventilate 1580mm3 at only 1mm movement to work against pressure shocks as effectively as possible.


1x Weld flange that easily is welded on the intake manifold
1x O-ring sealed valve plate
1x Top plate that holds the construction together
2x Hexagonal bolts
2x Springs

Specification and assembly:

Complete safety valve for intake manifold weight is 422 grams.

Dimensions of weld flange:
Width: 52mm
Length: 124mm

Height of fully assembled valve with inserts of 4kg is 53.5mm.
Material: 6082 T6 Aluminium

Adjustment measurements between Valve plate and Top plate
56psi (4kg) = 17mm
71psi (5kg) = 15mm
85psi (6kg) = 13mm

The hexagon bolts must be glued with loctite when assembled.

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