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Fuel Surge Tank Kit for external fuel pumps

Nuke Performance

2x pump

I lager

1-2 days

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Article no.: NUK-150-01-300

Fuel Surge Tank Kit for external fuel pumps

Nuke Performance 3.0 liter Fuel Surge Tank is market leading with top quality combined with outstanding performance. This kit combines the top quality Surge Tank with well-known external in-line fuel pumps such as Bosch 044, Deatschwerks 350il and Ti Automotive (Walbro) GSL392.

Designed and manufactured to handle extreme amounts of power with the same hallmark as all of Nuke Performance products.

With our Fuel Surge Tank, you minimize the risk of fuel starvation when running at low fuel level, that the system not cope with the extremely hard driving such as drifting, drag racing and track days where you can exceed 2g, which could result in fuel loss.

The FST works as a buffer so the fuel pumps are always supplied with fuel for high outputs.

Included in the Fuel Surge Tank kit for external fuel pumps:
Fuel Surge Tank for external fuel pumps
Billet Mounting Plate
Fragola braided fuel hoses with Nuke Performance Hose Ends
Nuke Performance Universal Bracket with inserts for Bosch 044 style of fuel pumps
* No fuel pumps included

Our Fuel Surge Tank is available in several different setups, each one designed to perform to the maximum, either with internal fuel pumps or external fuel pumps.

Use to advantage one of our kits which we adapted for some of the most widely used fuel pumps on the market, fuel pumps that match the high quality we seek.
With these kits the fuel is delivered with minimum flow loss or starvation.

Delivered with 5x 3/4 AN8 fittings for all the top cover connections and 1x 3/4 plug if you choose to use it for a single fuel pump. 3/4 AN6-AN10 is optional and are sold separately.

Designed to stand up to the destructive properties of alcohol fuels, including methanol and ethanol.

For use on turbo-charged, super-charged and naturally aspirated engine applications.

Technical information :
• CNC manufactured from aluminium alloy 6063.
• Stainless steel bolts for long lasting.
• Holds a volume of approximately 3 liters.
• Delivered with 5x 3/4 AN8 and 1x 3/4 plug fittings.
• 3/4 UNF Ports, available to AN-6, AN-8 or AN-10 line.
• Fuel pumps are not included
• Laserengraved.

Measurements :
Height : 270 mm
Length : 343 mm
Depth : 148 mm
Weight : 3857 g

* All measurements excluding the supplied fittings.


Nuke Performance


Nuke performance is one of the major players in aftermarket products for cars. They have been on the market for 10+ years and deliver products all over the world. This is proof that the products maintain a high standard and have been tested for many years.




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