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Bosch injector 1300cc


High impedance

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Article no.: SPDBS1300

Bosch 1300cc injector. Works with both gasoline and ethanol. We recommend using Redline Si-Alcohol in the fuel tank if you run on ethanol.

High resistance injector.

-Bosch injector (EV14) Modified
-These are standard Bosch models and fit most engines except Japanese engines.
-Resistance: 12 Ohm / High Ohm.
-Contact: Standard Bosch EV1 JPT
-This is a modified injector that works very well
-Flow-matched sets. Be aware that the flow can differ between sets
-E85 compliant and can handle other common fuels due to the stainless steel internal parts
-The bottom and top adapter is included so it becomes normal Bosch length 63mm o-ring to o-ring
-Upper and lower O rings of Viton.
-There is an engraved serial number on the injector, this is not the serial number

Flow matching:

This injectors are delivered flow matched from distributor. 

 Bosch Motorsport

Bosch and Bosch motorsport

Bosch is your partner for systems and components for use on road and they also have a motorsport division. They deliver their products to both OEM and complete racing series as well as individual teams. Bosch is known as the world’s leading automotive part supplier. With motorsport products ranging from Fuel pump and fuel injector to engine management systems.

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