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Borg Warner S200 SX-E S252

T3 Single-Entry 300-550hp S252

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Article no.: SPDBWSXE252T3S

The new SX-E series from Borg Warner takes affordable turbochargers to new heights!

These turbochargers holds a very high quality straight through and have journal bearing cores of highest quality.

Some of the main upgrades made on the new series is the compressor housing, speed sensor socket and refined journal bearing core design.

We also have all the accessories needed for a professional turbo system installation.

Power range: 300-550hk

Compressor: 69,60/52,17mm
Turbine: 69,56 / 61.43mm
Inlet: 3,5" (89mm)
Outlet: 2" (51mm)

Turbine housing: T3 Single-entry, 3" V-band.

Choose turbine housing size in the drop down menu.

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