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Rod end male M16x1,5



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Article no.: NGCMRM16

Rod end M16 - Motorsport

The Uniball M16 is a collective name for this type of radial ball bearings in the aftermarket. Applications include shifters, fittings for splitters, suspension, wing and similar components. These motorsport products are used in Rally, Drifting, Time Attack, Formula Offroad / Hillclimb, Snowmobile and Crosscart to name a few examples..


Material rod end: Special treated steel
Hole diameter: 16mm
Material rod end body: chromium molybdenum
Race: Self lubricating plastic
Thread rod end body: M16x1,5 Right

NGC Uniballs

NGC's Spherical bearings and Rod ends have market leading quality and are made in chromium molybdenum for best strength and durability. These bearings can handle between 40-80% more load and stress than the competition's top motorsport series. These bearings also have a self-lubricating construction that gives superior life.





NGC next generation chassis


NGC - Next Generation Chassis

NGC consists of components such as rod end, spherical bearing, threaded tube adapter, lock nut, misalignment reducer, spacer and piping that fit each other to make it easy to build the car as you intended.
Forget expensive and complicated machines, now you can use what's already in the garage. Lego for the car builder.

Compose NGC parts as you want it. Bashbar, link arms, 4-link, watt link and control arms to name a few areas of use.

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