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Bosch injector 1700cc


High impedance

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Article no.: SPDBS1700NGI2

BRAND NEW Bosch NGI-2 (Natural Gas Injector 2) - Storsäljare!

Part number: 0280158827 - Long Bosch, EV1-style electrical connector.

These are high resistance, 9.1 Ohms fuel injector and will not require inline resistors or a resistor box.

Injector type: Saturated

Body design: Filterless, composite plastic -  (NOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS: These fuel injectors are produced without a filter. It is recommended that no filter be added to the injector before installation.

Electrical connector type: Minitimer, EV1

Flow rates: (All flow tests were completed using industry-standard Heptane)
1680 cc/min at 3.0 BAR
1844 cc/min at 3.5 BAR
1970 cc/min at 4.0 BAR
2206 cc/min at 5.0 BAR

Coil Resistance: 9.1 OHMS, high res.

Dead Time: 
0.55 ms at 14 volts

Injector Length: O-ring on center, 64.5 mm

Injector Length: Overall, 77.5 mm

Injector diameter: 15.2 mm

O-rings: Viton 14.5 mm

Flow Matching:

These injectors are delivered directly with factory tolerances unless you choose to match those with much less tolerances than factory. Choosing to match the injectors with our top of line machines before delivery will get the matching much more correct, we always recommend if you do that. Or you can choose to drive them unmatched with greater tolerances, match the injectors themselves or compensate for the diffusers to divert slightly in flow when mapping the ECU system. How much they differ from the factory always vary.

When you choose to match the injectors, this is done with our top equipment! Documentation and certificates from us are included with the injectors when you choose this option.

 Bosch Motorsport

Bosch and Bosch motorsport

Bosch is your partner for systems and components for use on road and they also have a motorsport division. They deliver their products to both OEM and complete racing series as well as individual teams. Bosch is known as the world’s leading automotive part supplier. With motorsport products ranging from Fuel pump and fuel injector to engine management systems.

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