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Steel tube straight ~980mm


25x2,5mm SBF approved

I lager

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Article no.: NGCD251

Length: ~1meter

Outer diameter: 25mm

Inner diameter: 20mm

Wall thickness: 2,5mm

Material: Weldable material that beneficially can be combined with the rest of the NGC product range . Holds good margins to minimum requirements that SBF requires.


NGC next generation chassis


NGC - Next Generation Chassis

NGC consists of components such as rod end, spherical bearing, threaded tube adapter, lock nut, misalignment reducer, spacer and piping that fit each other to make it easy to build the car as you intended.
Forget expensive and complicated machines, now you can use what's already in the garage. Lego for the car builder.

Compose NGC parts as you want it. Bashbar, link arms, 4-link, watt link and control arms to name a few areas of use.

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