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CAN keypad (6 keys) multi color LED


6 buttons

I lager

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£ 204.00
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Article no.: PI2010

CAN keypad 6 buttons

CAN based keypads from Blink Marine in Italy using the J1939 CAN protocol.
Full support in all MaxxECU units.

No icon packs are included, must be bought separately Pre programmed with J1939 CAN standard which MaxxECU uses.
95x70mm, CC mounting holes: 49mm



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In 2009, the MaxxECU was born. Today, a few years later we are the number one ECU producer in the nordic with over 2500 units sold to dragracers, track, street and timeattack vehicles.. MaxxEcu is constantly updated with new features and is responsive to what's needed.

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